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Senior Pet Care FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Pet Care in Canton

Like many pet owners, you undoubtedly consider your animal companion as part of the family. And just as relatives grow older and find themselves needing some additional tender loving care, so do the pets we’ve welcomed into our homes. Whether you have an aging cat or dog, you should know that the team at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic is here to help you during all phases of your pet’s life journey. With that in mind, here are your answers to frequently asked questions about senior pet care in Canton.

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When a Pet Is Considered “Senior”

From a veterinarian’s perspective, felines generally begin requiring senior pet care service when they turn 7 years old. In general, canines become candidates for senior care service at age 7 too, but their specific health requirements during aging can depend on factors such as size and breed. Larger dogs typically age faster than smaller toy breed dogs. It’s best to consult with one our vets to get a more precise senior care advice for your particular pooch.

What Are Common Health Issues Facing Senior Pets?

A number of ailments can occur in pets as they age. Signs that your pet is having a health problem include disinterest in food (or difficulty eating), dislodged teeth, uncharacteristic lethargy, strange bruises or bleeding and an increase in aggressive behavior.

As a responsible animal owner, it’s prudent for you to be aware of the most common afflictions that your pet may be susceptible to. 

  • Obesity
  • Internal problems
  • Diseases of the teeth, ears, and eyes
  • Degenerative conditions

This is not an exhaustive list. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms or conditions, our team is standing by to help.

How Frequently Do You Recommend I Bring My Senior Pet to Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic?

Your vet wants you to know that at least two visits per year should be standard when you have an aging cat or dog. However, depending on your animal companion’s particular situation, the vet may schedule more frequent appointments beyond standard wellness checks.

What Types of Senior Pet Care Services Do You Offer?

At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, we are proud to offer a full range of senior pet care services, including:

  • Treatment for chronic and acute pain
  • Blood tests
  • X-rays and CAT scans
  • Dental care
  • Medications for illnesses of both a chronic and acute nature
  • Nutritional supplements and advice on a healthy diet for your aging pet
  • Guidance for keeping your pets active with exercise

Make an Appointment for Senior Pet Care in Canton at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic Today

You’ll feel more confident about your pet’s well-being and overall health once you bring it in for a wellness check and consultation with our knowledgeable veterinary staff. For details on senior pet care in Canton at our facility or to book an appointment for service, connect with Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic today.


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