Puppy Care FAQ's

Puppy Care FAQ’s in Canton, GA

Congratulations! You just adopted a puppy. You can’t wait to bring home your little furry bundle of joy. Before you do, though, you should know how to take care of your new puppy. By reading this Q&A from a Canton veterinarian, you’ll be ready for all the fun that is raising a dog.

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Q: Does my puppy need vaccines? If so, how many?

A: Yes, absolutely. Your vet will determine exactly how many vaccines your puppy will need. For the first several weeks of its life, your puppy will have to get on a vaccination schedule. This will protect them from conditions and diseases like rabies and Bordetella.

Q: How often should they go to the vet?

A: You should bring your dog to the vet at least once a year. In the first few months of puppyhood, though, you may have to come back more often. Your vet will check the dog’s teeth, coat, temperature, and weight. They will also inspect the feet, nose, ears, legs, arms, and heartbeat.

Q: My puppy isn’t learning as quickly as I want. What can I do?

A: You may want to bring them to a vet. Many vets, including Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, can offer advice to get your puppy to learn and obey better than ever before. Prepare for a better relationship!

Q: My puppy has gained a lot of weight! Help!

A: It could be that you’re not feeding your puppy the right kind of food, or you could be feeding them too much. Your vet can do a nutrition assessment and make recommendations on how to change your puppy’s diet so they’re a healthier weight.

Q: My puppy still isn’t potty-trained and it’s been several months. What am I doing wrong?

A: You may not be doing anything wrong. If this is a behavioral issue, then again, contact your vet. Once you learn how to control your pet’s behavior, as mentioned above, potty-training should become far less of a big deal.

Q: Is it normal for my puppy to be so itchy?

A: Probably not, especially if the dog is repeatedly scratching and licking at the same spot. Your puppy could have allergies or skin issues. Your vet can diagnose and treat these.

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