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First Year Puppy Care from Our Veterinarian in Canton, GA: What to Expect 

Puppy care from Canton Veterinarian

For pet lovers, there are few times in life more wondrous than the first year with a sweet puppy. Of course, there are several health issues to consider during that first year, so it is also a busy time. Loving your puppy and being a responsible and caring pet owner means making sure it gets the care it needs from a veterinarian in Canton, GA. If you have just brought home an energetic young pup, we are here to help you at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic. 

Veterinarian Care During Your New Puppy's First Year 

Our veterinarian team always delights in meeting and treating a new puppy and getting to know their loving owner. Our Doctors Michael Good, Dwight Alleyne, and Michelle Stewart are all here to help you figure out all the stages of development so, even if you come across a surprise during your first year together, we can pitch in and clear things up for you. You can count on us as a backup during those uncertain moments. If this is your first puppy, you will probably have a few situations where you are not quite sure what to do or how to care for your new puppy. Along with the rest of our veterinary technicians and office staff, we came up with some basic things you can expect in first-year pet care.

Your Puppy's First Visit to Our Office 

Your first visit to our office with your puppy is a great time for us all to get to know each other and build trust. We want your puppy to feel comfortable in our care. A few of the things we do, in terms of care and examination, during this visit include:

  • Weighing your puppy,
  • Taking their temperature
  • Listening to their heartbeat and examining the puppy's arms, legs, ears, nose, feet, and genitalia
  • Making sure their coat is healthy.

We will then take a look at your puppy's teeth and gums so they eat every meal with ease and comfort. We also want to find out anything you know about your puppy's history—whether you got him or her from a rescue shelter, a breeder, or a pet shop—regarding their health history. We will also discuss future visits that will include microchipping, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering.

Additional Visits During Your Puppy’s First Year

We will perform the necessary vaccinations to keep your puppy healthy during the first year, and we are here if you have any questions about teething, housebreaking ideas, puppy-proofing your home for their safety, and tips on socialization and training. 

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We look forward to meeting you and the furry new addition to your family so we can help you all get off to a healthy start. Call us today at (770) 479-1905 to schedule an appointment for your new puppy.


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