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Pet Seizures

Pets, like people, may suffer from a seizure. For some pets, it happens frequently; for others, it's a one-time occurrence. While it's sometimes nothing to worry about, our veterinarian at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, serving Canton, GA, and the nearby region, advises you to bring your pet in to determine the cause and possibly manage the issue. 


About Seizures 

A seizure is a neurological condition that occurs when the brain sends abnormal, uncontrollable electrical signals that can affect the following:

  • Feelings
  • Consciousness
  • Behavior 
  • Movements

Though the type of seizure impacts your pet's symptoms, you may notice your pet moving uncontrollably. Your pet might have a dazed look on its face and won't respond to you. Other signs of a seizure include a loss of consciousness, foaming or excessive drooling, or head shaking. 

Recurring seizures may happen at unpredictable times. Other times, you may be able to predict the timing of them. 

The most common time for seizures to happen is when the pet's brain activity changes. For instance, a seizure is more likely to occur when your furry friend is feeding or excited. When your pet is going to sleep or first waking up are also prime times for seizures. 

In most cases, seizures stem from an inherited disorder. They could also arise if your pet has brain trauma, comes in contact with certain toxins, experiences kidney failure or liver disease, or develops a brain tumor. 

Diagnosing the Root Cause 

Your pet will need to undergo certain testing to determine the root cause. For instance, blood and urine work may be conducted to look at your pet's kidney and liver function. The vet will also look for signs that your pet could have ingested poison. 

For pets who aren't taking heartworm medication, part of the evaluation may include a heartworm test. 

During the examination, your practitioner may take a sample of your pet's spinal fluid or conduct a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

Treating the Problem

If your pet has one seizure and no known problems are detected, you'll have to take your pet home for monitoring because treatment isn't necessary. However, with recurring seizures, the veterinarian might prescribe an anticonvulsant that your pet will need to take every day to prevent or limit seizure occurrence.  

Pet seizures are concerning, but they're often manageable or nothing to fret over. However, only a vet can identify the cause and determine an appropriate treatment. 

Pet Seizure Treatment in Canton

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