Pet Illness

Emergency pet care is an overwhelming experience, but it's also a sign of relief for both you and your fur friend. At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA, we want to see your pet at the first sign of pet illness. We provide emergency pet care and urgent care for situations that need immediate attention. Call us for an appointment if your pet is experiencing any signs of needing urgent care.


Signs of Pet Illness

Any change in your pet’s normal behavior is something to pay attention to. Reluctance to urinate or defecate is a sign of pet illness. You also want to look out for changes in your pet’s overall behavior. Are they alert and interested in their surroundings? Do they respond to you normally when you offer treats or playtime? Are they still playing the way they were yesterday?

With that, watch for your pet's mobility and balance. Are they walking upright or do they seem a little off? Even a slower-moving pet is a sign that something is going on. They may have a little pain somewhere that is easily rectified, or they may need immediate treatment for a pet illness. With burns, breathing problems, and wounds, you'll often know when there is an obvious time to take them to urgent care.

Your Pet's Mood

Domesticated animals need the same kind of love that we do, and they react the same way that we do when they don't get it. They also have self-esteem that needs to be nurtured. Sometimes your pet is off because they aren't feeling loved enough. A trip to the vet is a way to tell your pet that you are watching them and loving them.    Mindfulness is another important part of your pet's mood. Check to see if they are in the moment with you. If their eyes are darting, or it appears like their mind is wandering when they are with you, there may be something bigger going on. Book an appointment as soon as your pet's mood seems off.

Emergency Pet Care in Canton

At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians have years of experience providing residents of Canton with reliable urgent care services. For more information on when you should seek emergency pet care or to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians, call us today at (770) 479-1905.


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