Pet Eye Infections

Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic on Pet Eye Infections

Most people consider their pet to be a member of their family. Because of this, their pets deserve the same level of care that their human counterparts receive. One of the most common reasons why people get concerned about their pet has something to do with their eyes. Perhaps their pet continues to walk into things. Perhaps their pet looks a little bit more tired than usual, or there is drainage coming from the eye. In all of these cases, it is important to take the animal to see a trained veterinarian. For those who live in the Canton, GA, area, Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic is here to serve pets and their families. Drs. Michael Good and Michele Stewart are here for you. 


Signs of a Pet Eye Infection

One of the most common cases that we see in our clinic is a pet eye infection. There are several symptoms that families should keep their eyes out for. The first of these is a pet that looks tired. When animals have an infection, they may run a fever, just like people. They won’t be able to keep up with their normal physical activities. Note any of these behavioral changes so you can inform your veterinarian.

Next, look for redness and swelling around the eye. An infection jumpstarts the body’s immune system. White blood cells rush to the eye, causing redness and swelling.

Lastly, pay attention to any drainage coming from the eye. This drainage looks like pus, having a yellow or green color. These are all signs that an eye infection might be present. 

Treatment of an Eye Infection

Once your Canton, GA, veterinarian has diagnosed the eye infection, the next step is to treat it. Most eye infections are going to require antibiotics. In some cases, these might be drops that are placed in the eye. It’s also available in oral form. Most eye infections clear up in a few days. The faster an animal receives treatment, the quicker they’ll be back to normal. It’s important to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian right away. Untreated infections can spread and cause severe problems.

Rely on Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton

When a pet has been diagnosed with an eye infection, it is important to rely on the care of an experienced veterinarian. At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, we are here to serve the families of the Canton, GA, area. Drs. Michael Good and Michele Stewart give you and your pet the care that you deserve. Please call us today to schedule an appointment with a member of our compassionate team. We are here to help you and your pet with any concerns. Dial 770-383-1182. 


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