Pet Diabetes FAQs

Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic Answers Your Pet Diabetes FAQ

Diabetes is a veterinary disorder that can cause damage to internal organs and can lead to death. Fortunately, treatment is available to help animals with diabetes live normal, happy lives. At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA, we offer effective treatment for pets with diabetes. Continue reading to learn more about pet diabetes and how our veterinary team can assist your furry friend. 


What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas. A certain area of the pancreas produces insulin, a hormone that is needed to help eliminate glucose from the body. When there’s not enough insulin, the glucose builds up in the body, which can cause damage to blood vessels, kidney, and the cardiovascular system. 

What Are the Symptoms of Diabetes in Pets?

You may notice several symptoms in your dog that indicates a potential health problem. The animal may drink more water than usual. Urination increases, and there may be ‘accidents’ in the home. The dog may lose weight even while eating normal portions and may be hungry all the time. Cats will also demonstrate increase thirst and urination. However, felines may also show change in the way they walk, obesity, a reduction in physical activity. 

How Is Pet Diabetes Diagnosed?

Your veterinarian will use both urine tests and blood tests to detect high blood glucose levels in your pet. If these tests indicate diabetes, the vet will discuss treatments that will help to keep your pet healthy. 

What Treatments Are Available For Pet Diabetes?

Daily insulin shots can help to provide the insulin diabetic animals need to sustain their lives. Your vet can teach you how to give these injections quickly and professionally. Manage of diet and exercise can also help to control your pet’s diabetes. 

How Can I Prevent Pet Diabetes?

You can help your pet to avoid developing diabetes by providing health-promoting daily care. Make sure your pet maintains a healthy weight. Provide daily exercise to keep your pet in good condition. Feed pets a good quality pet food that is high in protein. Use fresh fruits and vegetables for treats. Schedule regular vet checkups for your pet. 

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