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Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding Services at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic

Your pet probably loves to follow you around wherever you go -- but there are some occasions when that just isn't possible. If you're planning an extended vacation, business trip, or hospital stay, it may be impractical for your pet to accompany you. That's when you need to know that your beloved friend has the care, attention, and access to medical assistance that he needs during your absence. Here at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, we can give your pet a safe, comfortable time at our pet boarding facility.

pet boarding

The Veterinary Boarding Advantage

Some pets seem so laid-back and independent that it's hard to imagine them needing much more help than the occasional feeding from your friend or neighbor. But some animals have significant issues that need to be addressed on a daily basis. Senior pets or pets with medical conditions, for instance, may be more vulnerable to medical crises unless a veterinarian is watching over them. Even a healthy pet can have an accident in the home or experience some other health emergency that calls for immediate professional assistance.

Separation anxiety is another important consideration. Pets who aren't used to being alone for long periods of time may go into a panic, exhibiting destructive behavior or attempting to run away. Your average friend of neighbor isn’t equipped to handle this potentially serious problem.

Veterinary boarding solves all of these problems. Pets receive professional medical supervision and any necessary treatment to ensure their health throughout the boarding stay. They also feel better when they're surrounded by the comforting presence of humans and other pets.

Boarding Features at Our Canton, GA Vet Center

Our Canton GA vet center maintains a spacious, luxurious, hygienic boarding facility for our animal friends. Your pet will have access to nutritious food, regular playtime and exercise time, human affection, and a comfortable enclosure -- truly a home away from home. At the same time, we can monitor the special medical needs of senior pets, baby animals, and pets struggling with chronic conditions. You'll feel a lot better knowing that your pet is in the the hands of our skilled, compassionate veterinarian. As a result, you can focus on your own agenda and get the most out of your trip even as your pet is enjoying his experience at our clinic.

Ready to Book a Boarding Stay for Your Pet? Contact Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic Today!

We recommend that schedule your pet's boarding stay well in advance, not only to reserve a space but also to make sure we have time to attend to any necessary pre-boarding vaccinations. Call 770-479-1905 today to learn more and make the arrangements!


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