Pet Allergy

Pet Allergy Treatment

Like people, pets can suffer from allergic reactions. At the first signs that your dog or cat is dealing with an Allergy, it is best to give a call to Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton to meet with our Vet for an evaluation. Here is some information about allergies in pets to read over to teach you about symptoms of a problem, how to avoid reactions, and the treatment options available.

Pet Allergy Treatment

The Signs Of An Allergic Reaction

There are several symptoms of an allergic reaction that indicate the need to contact our vet for an assessment. If your pet is suffering from a food allergy, they may vomit or have elimination troubles like diarrhea or constipation. A pet with an environmental allergy will display cold-like symptoms like sneezing, coughing, eye discharge, or wheezing. A pet with a skin allergy may have a rash or itchiness of the body. Make it a point to observe your pet daily so you recognize possible allergic reaction symptoms when they take place. This way you can reach out to our veterinarian promptly so your dog or cat does not suffer from discomfort or pain.

How To Avoid Allergic Reactions

Knowing what triggers bother your pet will help you to help them avoid reactions. If you are unsure about what is causing your pet distress, our veterinarian may be able to help you pinpoint the trigger. This is done with help from blood tests. One way to find out what is causing a problem is to keep a log of your pet's symptoms daily. This should include foods you give to your pet, grooming agents you use on your pet, and places your pet had frequented. This information can help you track down possible triggers so that they can be avoided altogether.

What Our Vet Can Do To Help

If your pet is suffering from an allergy, it may need medication to stop symptoms when they become distressful. Our veterinarian will conduct an evaluation of your pet's health to determine what is causing symptoms to occur. They will prescribe medication to give to your pet when they come into contact with a trigger. Medication will help symptoms decrease if it is given to your pet after the allergic reaction takes place. Some medications are also available to stop reactions before they start. 

Call Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic Today!

When there is a need to obtain allergy medication or if you need help to determine what is causing your pet distress, reaching out to Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton is an option to keep in mind. Call our practice today at (770) 383-1182 for more information about the services we provide or to make an appointment for your pet.


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