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Internal Procedures

There are many pet exams that consist of external inspection on pets that pay attention to the nose, skin, feet, and other body parts to identify any disorders. However, it is possible that your pet may be suffering from a more complex condition that requires a thorough diagnosis. This would call for internal procedures depending on the symptoms your pet is showing. We have many years of experience completing internal procedures on animals here at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA. We can assess your pet's health and recommend the necessary treatment based on our diagnosis.



A colonoscopy will take place if your pet needs to have its large intestines checked out for ulcers, fungal infections, inflammation, or even tumors. Our vets may even combine this procedure with gastrointestinal endoscopy for more accurate results. For pets experiencing weight loss and diarrhea, this is the procedure that most vets will perform.


During this procedure, our vets will use an endoscope to examine your pet. It is an elongated thin tube with a video camera attached to it that records pictures of your pet's internal organs. After examining the images, we will recommend the most appropriate treatment for your pet. This procedure is mainly used to remove foreign objects from an animal's gastrointestinal tract.


An instrument called a bronchoscope is used during this procedure to examine the trachea and larynx of your pet. Sometimes your pet may develop complications in its breathing system or chest area. Before offering any treatments, our veterinarians will thoroughly examine your pet through a bronchoscopy.


This procedure is similar to an x-ray since it is also used to examine a pet's moving body parts. It consists of taking pictures of the affected area and transferring them to a monitor for an accurate diagnosis.


Our veterinarian will provide this procedure to help diagnose nasal cavity complications in your pet. It involves both posterior and anterior rhinoscopy. Anterior rhinoscopy is performed by inserting a rhinoscope through your pet's nose. Posterior rhinoscopy consists of diagnosing the nasal cavity complications by inserting the same instrument through your pet's mouth. It is used to diagnose foreign objects, inflammations, and fungal infections.

Joint Taps

This procedure is also called arthrocentesis, and it is used to diagnose a variety of joint diseases. These types of conditions may lead to inflammation that can affect your pet's behavior and ability to move. The vet will collect fluid from the joint that is swollen to examine it before treatment.

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