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Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

Heartworm disease is a serious medical condition that can inflict dogs and cats, even if they do not spend time outdoors. Here at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, we provide preventative medicine so that your pets do not contract this harmful disease. Read the below information about heartworm disease including the symptoms associated with it, how to avoid it, and how our veterinary practice can help with heartworm treatment when needed.

Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

The Signs of Heartworm Disease

If your cat or dog contracts heartworm disease, there are a few signs that will alert you it is time to seek veterinary assistance. Heartworms are transferred to pets through a bite from an infected mosquito, which got them from animals who are already infected. Small worms goes through the bloodstream and settles into the lungs or heart. As they mature, heartworms can live in your pet’s body for many years, creating countless health problems. Your pet may cough excessively, pant frequently, seem lethargic, and lose weight. It is best to see our veterinarians for an assessment if any of these symptoms are noticed.

How To Avoid Heartworm Disease

Protecting your beloved animals can be difficult, especially if they spend time outdoors. Minimizing the mosquito population in areas your pets go to can help. Use citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away. Tend to your lawn frequently to keep insects from hiding in long blades of grass or shrubbery. Most importantly, eliminate any sources of water from your property. Mosquitoes use standing water as breeding areas. Cover pools, birdbaths, and ponds, and do not keep containers open on your property as they can fill with water when it rains.

How Our Vets in Canton Provide Heartworm Treatment

It is best to protect your furry friends against heartworm disease with monthly medication. Our vets may provide your pets with oral tablets to take each month as necessary. A comprehensive examination is necessary before prescription medicine can be given. If your companion animals already have heartworm disease, our veterinarians will assess their condition and make recommendations regarding treatment. Dogs can be treated with medication, however, there is no known treatment for this disease in cats. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance to provide cats with heartworm treatment so that they are thoroughly protected year-round.

If you wish to obtain preventative medication for your animals, contact Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton to make an appointment with our veterinarians. Call our animal hospital at (770) 479-1905 to find out about schedule availability, or to find out more about heartworm treatment options.


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