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Digital Ultrasound

Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic Offers Digital Ultrasound Diagnostics

Veterinarians have come to rely on the new technologies that help them diagnose illness and injuries in their patients. The use of digital ultrasound has allowed them to view the internal organs of an animal, without having to do invasive, exploratory surgery. At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA, we use digital ultrasound to find the source of illness and injury in our patients.

Ultrasound Diagnostics

Understanding Ultrasound

Ultrasonography uses sound waves that bounce off the soft tissues inside the body. These waves are then changed into a digital form that is transmitted to a computer to produce an image. Veterinarians are trained to analyze these images carefully to find the small abnormalities in size and shape that indicate a health problem. The information provided by ultrasound images is combined with other forms of testing to provide an accurate diagnosis of a pet’s health problem.

Conditions Ultrasound Can Detect

Most people are familiar with the ultrasound images that are used in human medicine to provide pictures of a growing fetus inside a pregnant woman. Ultrasound can also be used to monitor the pregnancies of pets and can be helpful in case of troublesome births. However, ultrasound images can also detect abnormalities in the heart, kidneys, liver or bladder. It can find foreign objects ingested by animals or locate and determine the extent of tumors. Ultrasound can also be used for diagnosing bone and joint problems.

What Happens During Ultrasound Testing?

To get a good image of the body interior, the vet must ensure that the device can be properly moved over the affected area. Sedation is not always necessary, but it largely depends on the part of the body and the temperament of the animal. Once the animal is positioned correctly, a hand-held device is swept over the skin of the affected area. An image begins to form on the computer screen. This image will be carefully examined to detect any deviations from what is normally expected. The results, in combination with other types of tests, help the veterinarian to make an accurate diagnosis.

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