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A dog or cat with dermatology problems requires intervention from our veterinarian so proper treatment is given to obtain relief. Contacting Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton is an option available to help a pet feel better if they have a skin issue such as a rash or irritation. Here is some information about skin problems in pets and how our vet can help.

Different Dermatology Issues Pets Contract

There are many types of skin problems that could afflict an animal. If your pet has an allergic reaction, they may contract a rash with raised, red bumps. Many animals are allergic to flea bites so it is necessary to check your pet's fur for signs of these parasites if a rash arises. A pet with dry skin will experience itchiness and will most likely scratch at their coat often. Pets with patches of missing fur may be suffering from a skin ailment. It is important to take a closer look at the skin to see if there are signs of a problem so treatment can be obtained.

How To Tend To Your Pet's Skin When a Problem Arises

Finding the source that causes a problem to a pet's skin is important so it can be avoided in the future. For example, if a pet is suffering from an allergic reaction after being bathed with a specific shampoo, stopping the use of that brand will be necessary to help heal your pet's skin and keep it from suffering from problems again. If a pet has a flea problem, this needs to be eradicated in addition to the obtaining of treatment for skin difficulties. A pet with dry skin requires less frequent washings as this will deplete the skin of necessary oils which keep it hydrated. The best course of action is to see our veterinarian if a dermatology issue arises.

What Our Veterinarian Will Do To Help

Our veterinarian will first evaluate your pet's overall health by providing them with a wellness exam. During this assessment, the skin is checked in detail. Any treatment required for medical problems will be handled properly and quickly. Our veterinarian may recommend medication to help in the healing of your pet's skin in some instances. Lifestyle changes will also be discussed so your dog or cat does not suffer from the same skin problem after it is treated.

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If your pet requires help with a skin issue, contacting Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton can help. Our veterinarian is available to handle comprehensive examinations, preventative measures, and the handling of emergencies. Call our practice today at (770) 479-1905 for more information about dermatology issues or to make an appointment for an evaluation of your pet.


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