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Pets need a variety of veterinary services, depending on their species and breed, as well as their overall state of health. Your Canton GA veterinarian is proud to offer a wide range of services geared toward dogs and cats, to help your beloved animal companions achieve and maintain an optimal level of health, vitality, and happiness.

Basic Pet Wellness Services

The foundation of your pet's veterinary care is basic wellness services. These ensure your pet is happy and healthy for a long time to come. We can treat animals from young puppies and kittens to elderly companion animals. Beginning with initial exams and vaccinations, to annual checkup exams, spaying and neutering, dental checkups and cleanings, and more, we give your pet the basics of what they need to keep and maintain a lifetime of good health.

Pet Diagnosing & Treating Pet Illnesses & Injuries

Even the best cared for pets sometimes get illnesses or injuries. There's nothing you can do about these things, and they can't be prevented in most instances. We can take care of diagnosing what is wrong with your pet and treating it in the best possible way to ensure a full recovery. Our office has the highest quality and state of the art diagnostic equipment, so we can do the diagnosing right here. We are also set up to perform surgery of all kinds, and prescribe medications to treat anything your pet may have, such as worms, fleas, obesity, ear mites, and more If your pet has a chronic condition like diabetes or arthritis, we can treat and manage that, too. Your pet will always be at their best when under our care.

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Contact us to set up your pet's initial appointment and evaluation. We are looking forward to welcoming you both to the Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic family. You can reach us at:

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