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Pet Dentistry at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA

Why Dental Hygiene Is Important for Pets With Our Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA

Your pet might not chow down on sugary candies and sodas like a human can, but the animal can still develop dental problems. From cavities to gingivitis to worse, your pet's teeth can still become the cause of much pain if you don't take your pet in for regular dental checkups. A veterinarian at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA can help monitor your pet's teeth and keep the animal in good dental health.

Dog with a toothbrush in its mouth

Don't Ignore Pet Dental Health

Keeping your pets' teeth and gums healthy is about more than just making their "smiles" look cute. Poor dental health can lead to bad breath in pets, and as dogs in particular get older, they can develop gum disease, which needs regular dental cleanings and exams. These help reduce the severity and reoccurrence of the disease.

Poor dental health also leads to issues with eating. If the animal has damaged teeth, it can't eat that well without help. Healthy teeth make it easier to have a healthy diet. A veterinarian at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic will be able to screen for tumors, injuries, congenital defects, gum disease, and infections, among other conditions, when your pet comes in for a dental checkup.

Your pet should have a dental checkup at least once a year. In the meantime, if you notice any issues like bad breath, refusal to eat, jaw misalignment, drooling (beyond what you'd expect for the type of animal), loose or broken teeth, or discolored teeth, bring the animal in for an exam. Do not wait until you get a reminder from the vet's office about annual checkups.

Your Vet Wants Your Pet to Be Healthy – Contact Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic Today

Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA offers dental exams and treatments that help your pet regain and maintain good oral health. If you have any issues with your pet's teeth, contact us at (770) 479-1905 and arrange to see one of our friendly veterinarians.


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