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National Animal Safety and Protection Month in October

Let Us All Find How We Can Keep Canton's  Animals Safe

October is Animal Safety Month. The event is hosted by the PALS foundation with the goal of raising awareness about how we can help our animal friends both in our home and in the wild live safer lives. At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic we are doing our part by spreading awareness in Canton and the surrounding areas. 

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At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic We Care for Canton Animal Safety

Animal safety is our top priority for pets and wild critters alike. Here are three tips for increasing animal safety this October and all year.

  • Have a disaster preparedness plan for your pet, as well as salvation options for wild animals. in the case of a natural disaster, pets and wild animals need care too. Make sure you have a plan in place for your pet that includes microchipping and plenty of food and water. To go an extra mile, you can also leave fresh water and food nearby for wild animals that may also be in need or duress. 
  • Make sure your pet is up to date on his shots. If your pet is protected it not only keeps him safe from many parasites and diseases it also reduces the spread of these into the wild. 
  • Spread the word on social media so others know of steps they can take to protect their pets and also to encourage more people to adopt or donate time or resources to shelters. The more people who know that October is Animal Safety Month the more people there will be who participate. 

Call Today to Find Out More Or to Schedule Your Pet's Appointment 

Acres Mill Veterinarian Clinic serves pet patients in and around the Canton area. If you want to increase animal safety come in to get your pet microchipped and vaccinated. We care for pets of all types so call today, 770-479-1905. 


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