Year-Round Flea & Tick Prevention

Year-Round Flea & Tick Prevention with Bravecto Is Essential to
Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy

Flea and tick prevention are important year-round, not just during the summer months. Fleas and ticks are more than pesky parasites– they can cause serious illnesses in both pets and humans. A single fleabite can cause an allergic reaction lasting up to seven days for your dog. Fleas also carry tapeworms. Ticks can transmit Lyme Disease, which affects both dogs and humans. In order to keep your pets safe year round, our veterinarians in Canton strongly recommend year-round flea and tick prevention.

Canton Flea & Tick Prevention: Year-Round Prevention with Bravecto


Our Canton veterinary team knows that remembering to give your pet his monthly medication is not always easy, especially if your dog dislikes taking pills. That’s why we offer Bravecto, the first FDA-approved oral soft chew to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for up to 12 weeks. Unlike other chewable oral medications or topical medications that require monthly administration, Bravecto offers broad spectrum, long-lasting protection for up to 12 weeks. It starts killing any fleas that may be on your pet within 2 hours of ingestion and treats and controls against four tick species (black-legged tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick). Bravecto also kills the lone star tick for up to eight weeks. This means that Bravecto kills more than 96.6% of all ticks that carry Lyme Disease. That’s good news for both you and your pet.

Remember, no matter how cold it gets outside, fleas can still live inside the house during the winter months. All it takes is for a few fleas to drop off your pets coat while he’s lying on the carpet or sneaking a seat on the sofa – and you could end up with a serious flea infestation! Treating a flea infestation is not easy. Even if you think you’ve removed all the fleas, there may still be some lurking in sideboards or carpeting, ready to re-infect your pet. This is why prevention is truly the best treatment. With year-round flea and tick prevention medication, your pet and your home will be safe from fleas.

Active dogs need tick prevention, too. Ticks can carry Lyme Disease, which affects both pets and humans. Lyme Disease is the most common tick-transmitted disease in the world. Symptoms of Lyme Disease in pets often mimic symptoms of other disease, which can make detecting Lyme Disease difficult until a more advanced stage. The most common symptom in dogs is lameness due to inflammation of the joints. Don’t let a fun day playing outside turn into a lifetime of pain for your dog – flea and tick prevention medication will help keep your dog safe.

If your pet is not currently on flea or tick medication, or you are considering switching to a chewable option like Bravecto, contact our animal hospital to learn more. Our veterinarians in Canton are happy to answer any questions you may have about flea and tick prevention. Contact us at (770) 479-1905.


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