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Rabies Vaccination

Why Rabies Pet Vaccinations Are Vital for Every Pet

Our Canton veterinarian would like to stress the importance of getting rabies pet vaccinations for your cats, dogs and ferrets. Even though rabies might seem as commonly discussed as years prior, this deadly viral disease is still prevalent in wild animals. If your pet contracts rabies, there is nothing our animal hospital can do to save him.

Rabies Pet Vaccinations Are a Crucial Part of Public Health

Rabies pet vaccinations are required by law in Georgia because this disease is contagious to humans. Rabies kills 55,000 people around the world every year. Every ten minutes, someone in the world dies of rabies.

Although we now have medical care that can prevent rabies transmission in people who are exposed, death will still occur if a person is exposed to rabies and does not seek treatment right away. You can be exposed to rabies if you are bitten by a rabid animal or have any other contact with the saliva of an animal with the disease.

Thanks to rabies pet vaccinations, rabies is now much more common in wild animals in this country than in pets. Prior to 1960, most humans who were exposed to rabies were exposed through a domestic animal. Now, most human exposure to rabies occurs due to exposure to wild animals with the disease.

However, our Canton veterinarian would like you to know that you can still be exposed to rabies if your pet becomes infected. You may think that your pet does not need a rabies vaccination because you keep him inside. Your indoor pet could still slip out and become infected with rabies. The law says that even indoor pets must be vaccinated against rabies.

Getting your pet vaccinated against rabies at our animal hospital protects him from contracting this disease. By extension, getting your pet vaccinated protects you, your family and your community from this deadly viral illness.

Rabies vaccinations are given in a single dose, at three months of age for dogs, and at two months of age for cats. There are two types of rabies vaccines used in animals; one is administered every year, while the other is administered every three years. You can discuss which type of vaccine is best for your pet when you bring him into our animal hospital at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic for his rabies vaccination.

When our Canton veterinarian gives your pet his rabies shot, you will be provided with a rabies tag and proof of vaccination. If your pet is a dog, put the rabies tag on his collar with his other identification. If your pet is a cat, you may opt not to put the tag on his collar, especially if he is an indoor pet. Cats tend to lose (or remove) their collars and you may lose the rabies tag. Keep it in a safe place. Remember to keep your pet's rabies vaccination up-to-date. The health of our community and your pet depends on it.


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