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Canine parvovirus, or “parvo” as it is often called, is an extremely contagious viral infection that can survive for months in nature and on objects your dog comes into contact with on a daily basis: grass, pavement, carpeting, floors, dog toys, water and food bowls, etc. It is extremely difficult to avoid, and very hardy. Disinfection is difficult in most cases and impossible in others. If your pet is not protected from the virus by vaccinations at our veterinary clinic in Canton, he or she runs a very high risk of catching, suffering from, and further spreading parvo to other canines. In fact, canine parvovirus can jump between dogs, foxes and wolves; but the same strain of the virus that infects these species usually does not infect humans or cats. Due to its highly contagious and severe nature, our veterinarian urges dog owners to be vigilant about making sure all pet vaccinations in Canton are up-to-date—especially for puppies and adolescent dogs.

Parvo Vaccinations at Acres Mill Animal Hospital in Canton

Canine parvovirus symptoms include severe diarrhea and vomiting (which can become bloody), and extreme lack of appetite. These symptoms can lead to depression, severe dehydration, and death. Parvo can also severely damage the heart muscle, particularly in puppies, leading to death or a lifetime of weakness and illness. Anytime you see these symptoms in your pet, you should bring your animal immediately to our animal hospital in Canton to be checked by our veterinarian. Parvo can be diagnosed using stool samples and blood tests.

Making sure your puppies are on schedule for their pet vaccinations in Canton is critical to avoiding parvo because young dogs are most susceptible to the virus. The good news is that the parvo vaccination has a great safety record—and a great record of helping young dogs build immunity to the disease. If you have recently adopted a puppy, call our veterinarian here at our veterinary clinic in Canton right away to schedule your puppy's first wellness and vaccinations appointments.

The parvo vaccination is an integral part of the core vaccination schedule for all dogs. (Core vaccinations are the ones considered most essential by every veterinary clinic in Canton and across the nation). Our veterinarian administers 3 courses of rabies and DHPP shots (immunizing against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza) to puppies aged 8, 12, and 16 weeks. These shots boost your puppy’s immunity quickly as their immune system develops, so our Animal Hospital in Canton urges you to make sure your puppy gets these shots.

If your puppy or dog starts exhibiting parvo symptoms, call us right away. Your dog’s life will depend on intensive treatment at our animal hospital in Canton, especially for severe dehydration and cardiac symptoms.

Our veterinary clinic in Canton is ready to help your pet through any illness, but our biggest goal is helping pets avoid illness by taking preventative measures—like pet vaccinations. Call us today at (770) 479-1905 for an appointment!


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