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DHPP Vaccination

Although each and every health procedure our Canton animal hospital provides for pets is discretionary, there are some pet vaccinations and procedures which our Canton veterinarian strongly recommends for all pets. Ensuring your pet has the proper pet vaccinations could save his or her life. In addition to other life-saving vaccines, our Canton veterinary clinic offers the DHPP canine vaccine, which should be administered to all dogs.

Our Canton veterinarian strongly recommends all dogs have the DHPP vaccine administered at our Canton animal hospital. The benefits of the administration of DHPP pet vaccinations far outweigh any risks associated with it. The DHPP vaccine offered by our Canton veterinary clinic protects dogs from four fatal diseases which are common among canines.

1. Distemper Virus: Often fatal, distemper is a virus of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory tract. Highly contagious, infected dogs transmit distemper through direct contact with bodily fluids or by contact with airborne fluids. Dogs of all ages are susceptible to distemper, but puppies are at the highest risk. Any inadequately vaccinated dog is at risk of contracting this deadly disease.

2. Canine Adenovirus Type 2: Young dogs are at the highest risk of contracting this common disease. Canine adenovirus type 2 is associated with canine infectious hepatitis (hence the H in DHPP), and is one of the leading causes of tracheobronchitis. This disease is transmitted through contact with respiratory fluids, feces, and urine.

3. Para influenza: Are dogs (especially those which have not received adequate pet vaccinations) are at risk of contracting this extremely contagious virus, which commonly leads to infectious tracheobronchitis. Like the human influenza, this virus is contracted through contact with infected airborne particles.

4. Parvovirus: This canine virus affects dogs' gastrointestinal systems. Parvovirus is extremely contagious, aggressive, and can quickly lead to death in infected dogs. Incredibly resilient, parvovirus can survive without a carrier in the environment. As a result, the virus can be transmitted several ways: through contact with infected dogs, feces, or virus particles living on objects. Any dog without a vaccination against parvovirus is at risk, but sick, weak, or young dogs are the most susceptible.

Vaccinating your dog with the DHPP vaccination administered at our Canton veterinary clinic could save his or her life. To ensure a long, full life for your pets, our Canton veterinarian recommends that all dogs receive the DHPP vaccination with regular boosters.

Schedule Your Dog's Vaccinations with Our Canton Animal Hospital

Our Canton veterinarian recommends a lifelong schedule of canine vaccinations administered at our Canton animal hospital. At our Canton veterinary clinic, we first administer the DHPP vaccination to puppies at eight weeks of age. On your puppy's second (twelve weeks) and third (sixteen weeks) visits to our Canton animal hospital, he or she will receive DHPP boosters. After initial vaccination, dogs receive boosters annually or every three years, depending on the concentration of antibodies in the blood stream.


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