Pet Weight Loss

Weight Control to Help Ensure Pet Wellness

Canton Veterinarian on Pet Weight LossMore than 50 percent of U.S. dogs and cats weigh more than they should, and at least 20 percent of them are sufficiently overweight enough to be classified as obese. Animal obesity carries with it some serious long-term health threats, which is why Acres Mill Animal Hospital considers proper pet nutrition and diet a cornerstone of pet wellness. Our animal hospital in Canton can help you keep your pet within a healthy weight range, thanks to a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes, pet nutrition tips, and other smart pet wellness practices.

At our veterinary hospital in Canton we see pets who have gained weight for a variety of reasons. Some animals are simply fed too frequently or given overly-large portions, while others receive the wrong foods to support proper pet nutrition. Feeding your pet from the table not only promotes overeating but also gives your pet a taste for fatty, salty, highly-processed foods that are totally unfit for animal consumption. Portion size and frequency tends to change with age; a highly active puppy, for instance, will require more calories than a more sedate adult dog, while a slow-moving senior will require fewer calories still. Other problems can also cause weight gain, and we can detect these problems at our animal hospital in Canton.

Our animal hospital in Canton is deeply concerned about the epidemic of pet obesity. Obese animals may suffer from joint degeneration and chronic pain, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and other health problems. They face an elevated risk of congestive heart failure, stroke, liver or kidney failure, and certain cancers associated with obesity. If you suspect that your pet weighs too much, we urge you to bring him to our veterinary hospital in Canton for a pet wellness evaluation.

Our Veterinary Hospital in Canton Can Help

Controlling your beloved friend's weight starts by tracking it. Our veterinary hospital in Canton can weigh your pet during his annual pet wellness evaluation and let you know whether he is overweight for his breed, age and bone structure. If he has been gaining weight since entering his senior years, an increasingly sedentary lifestyle may be to blame, especially if he clearly suffers from a degenerative joint condition that limits his mobility. Our animal hospital in Canton can address these issues while recommending a new portion control and pet nutrition regimen to help him lose weight -- which may relieve joint pain all by itself.

 If your pet has become accustomed to table scraps or other fatty foods, we will recommend that you train him to eat only foods containing the proper pet nutrition, and to stay away from human foods entirely. If he simply needs more activity, we can advise you on how to help him get more daily exercise.

Contact our veterinary hospital in Canton to schedule a pet weight loss consultation.


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