Do you worry about whether your pet will run away from home or that someone will steal it? About a third of pets become lost at some point. The chances of a safe return home greatly increase if an animal has been microchipped. At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, our vet has been providing Canton pet owners with microchipping services for many years. The procedure is fast, painless, and has many benefits. 

Dog in Canton Running Away with Microchip

Benefits of Microchipping

Just one of every five of the nearly 8 million dogs that reach shelters annually ever makes it home. Cats fare worse at around 2 percent.  However, microchipping a pet dramatically boosts the odds that it will return to its owner. A microchip is a far more secure method to convey owner contact information than using a detachable collar.  Our vet notes that the most effective combination is a microchip plus a breakaway collar that bears identification tags.

On average, a microchip lasts around 25 years. After implantation, it needs no maintenance beyond registering it in the manufacturer’s database along with owner contact information and keeping that information current. During periodic wellness checkups, we will scan the chip to make sure it is in the correct spot and is working properly. Adding a microchip is a very convenient procedure for owners. Pet owners can make an appointment specifically for that purpose or combine the procedure with another one. The installation is both quick and harmless.

What to Expect

A microchip is a tiny transponder. Each one is roughly the size of a piece of rice and resides inside a glass cylinder. Using a needle, our veterinarian implants the chip between your pet’s shoulder blades. Each microchip bears a unique identification number assigned by the manufacturer. Using a handheld scanner, veterinary or shelter staff can read the radio frequency of the chip and display information that can identify the owner.

Once the microchipping procedure has been completed, pet owners need to register their contact information with the manufacturer and then continue to make sure it stays current.  Any discomfort an animal experiences is minimal, and at most equivalent to that associated with any other injection.

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