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Microchipping in Canton

Dog in Canton Running Away with Microchip

One in three pets will become lost in their lifetime. The professionals at the veterinary clinic Canton pet owners can trust – Acres Mill Animal Hospital – are utilizing state-of-the-art technology like microchipping to bring your pet safely back home. Our professionals are experts at implanting, detecting, and reading microchips to help lost pets find their way back to their owners.

How Microchips Work when Implanted by Animal Hospital Canton Professionals

Microchipping is a procedure that allows a veterinarian or trained professional to implant a tiny transponder, known as a microchip, into an animal. Microchips contain information – specifically, a registration number and official telephone number for the microchip brand’s registry. A handheld scanner reads the radio frequency of the microchip and displays the information contained on that chip. The animal hospital, Canton veterinarian, or animal shelter that finds your lost pet can then simply telephone the registry to learn your contact information. The average microchip lasts about 25 years, so most pets require microchipping only once in life.

Can Microchips Become Lost Inside My Pet?

The subcutaneous fat layer usually bonds to the microchip within the first 24 hours after implantation. While there is small risk the microchip could migrate a short distance, microchips cannot become lost inside your dog or cat’s body. Our Canton veterinary hospital takes every measure necessary to make sure microchips stay put.

What Happens During Microchipping?

Microchipping at Acres Mill Animal Hospital is quick, easy, and does not even require local anesthesia. The veterinary professional uses a large bore needle to implant the microchip, usually between the shoulder blades. A microchip is tiny – about the size of a grain of rice. This procedure should only be performed at the animal hospital. Canton residents are not recommended to attempt this procedure themselves for any reason.

After our Canton veterinary clinic professionals implant the microchip, you must register the microchip with the company that manufactured the device. The microchip manufacturer will save your contact information and microchip registration number in a database, made available to any veterinary professional who might find your lost or stolen pet.

The Animal Hospital Canton Residents Can Rely On

The veterinary clinic professionals at Acres Mill Animal Hospital are experts at microchipping. In addition to this service, we offer other veterinary care, including wellness exams, vaccinations, dental care, surgery and emergency care for your dog or cat. We know that your pet is an important part of your family – we promise to perform exceptional microchipping to bring your dog or cat home.


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