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Doggy Daycare

The worst part about leaving home is the look on your dog’s face as you close the door. You dread leaving your canine companion in the morning almost as much as you hate the mess when you come home at night, knowing your bored dog has had an entire day to destroy the house. Fortunately, Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic offers a better alternative – doggy daycare.

You rely on Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic to take great care of your dog when he is sick and now you can depend on us to provide doggy daycare when you need to leave home. We think your dog will agree – doggy daycare at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic is the best invention since the chew toy.

Dogs are social creatures. Your dog probably views you as the ringleader of your home’s social life. When you leave, even for a few hours, your dog can grow bored and depressed.

Veterinarian in Canton Offers Doggy Daycare

Your Vet Clinic in Canton now offers doggy daycare that keeps your dog happy and safe while you work or play. There are plenty of reasons your dog will love doggy daycare at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic.  We have an exercise and play area to keep your dog active and fit while you are away. Your dog will also be around people, which helps your pet stay friendly and confident around humans when she is not with you.

At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, we offer single day – and even partial day – dog sitting. We will take good care of your dog while you go to work, shop, or sneak away on a short outing. We also offer pet boarding for your dog when you need to leave home for an extended vacation or business trip.

One of the benefits of doggy daycare at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic is that we focus on the health and well-being of your dog and all the pets we care for. We clean our kennels and play areas regularly, and require that all boarded pets have current vaccinations.

Pick up and drop off at the Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic doggy daycare is between 7 am and 7 pm, Monday through Friday.

Contact your Canton at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic to learn more about our doggy daycare program.


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