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Spay and Neuter Pet Surgery in Canton

Our Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic pet services have always focused on preventing health problems. And one of the best things pet owners can do to prevent unnecessary suffering is to schedule spay and neuter surgery. Our Canton pet surgery facilities are technologically advanced and we make every effort to ensure your pet's safety and comfort before, during and after surgery. Our veterinary hospital has complete in-house surgery and laboratory facilities so that all tests can be quickly evaluated. Our digital radiographs, ultrasound and echocardiograms help us perform these surgeries with precision for quick healing.

Canton Spay and Neuter Pet Surgery Has Benefits

Canton vet discusses spay and neuter pet surgery benefitsDuring your puppy or kitten's first wellness checkup, we will discuss scheduling a spay or neuter pet surgery after your pet is 8 weeks old. This will provide many benefits for you, your pet, and the whole Canton community. Spay surgery removes a female pet's ovaries and uterus to prevent her from becoming pregnant. Neutering surgery castrates a male pet to prevent him from reproducing. When spay and neuter surgeries are performed before an animal's first heat cycle, they practically eliminate the chances of them developing any cancers of the reproductive organs!

In addition to the significant health benefits, having your pet spayed or neutered is a tangible way you can help reduce the overpopulation of neglected, abandoned stray pets. Even well-intentioned pet owners find it difficult, after their pet has an unexpected litter, to effectively care for and find homes for all of the puppies or kittens. In fact, the cost of spaying and neutering in our veterinary hospital is much less than the cost of taking care of all of those baby pets for an entire year. Imagine this on a national scale: shelters take in an estimated 5-7 million animals annually, about half of which have to be euthanized because they do not have the resources to care for them, and cannot find enough loving families to adopt them. Choose to be part of the solution by having your pet spayed or neutered!

Not only does spaying or neutering your pet bring clear health benefits and make a positive influence in our community-it can actually improve your life with your pet too. Un-neutered male pets have a tendency to become aggressive and unruly when they sense a female in heat anywhere in the neighborhood. They can damage property, hurt family members and even themselves in their desperation to break out of the safety of their home or yard to find her. While on the prowl, they can be hit by cars or injured by other animals. Neutering surgery will make him much calmer, easier to train, much less likely to go around marking things with urine, and generally much easier to live with.

Please call us today at (770) 479-1905 to discuss spay or neuter surgery with our veterinarian-it's one of the most important preventative health pet services we offer!


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