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Orthopedic Care

Canton Orthopedic Care: Reducing Pain and Bringing Mobility Back to Your Pet

orthopedic surgery

Our Canton veterinary hospital provides cutting-edge orthopedic care, including orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation, for dogs and cats. Orthopedic surgery helps pets that have been diagnosed with joint pain due to arthritis or injury. Our orthopedic services address problems with the skeleton, joints and soft tissues, such as the muscles, ligaments, cartilage, tendons and joint capsules. Our goal with every pet we treat is to minimize pain and restore mobility.

Veterinary Hospital Provides Cutting-Edge Orthopedic Surgery

orthopedic care

As our pets age, orthopedic problems in the joints and hip can restrict activity levels. You may notice that your dog can no longer run when chasing the ball, hop into the car, or walk up and down the stairs. A blunt force trauma accident, such as being hit by a car, can also cause orthopedic problems, such as a bone fracture. Depending on your pet’s health condition, orthopedic surgery may be the best treatment option to restore mobility and minimize pain. Orthopedic surgery can keep your pet active well into his or her golden years by minimizing pain and increasing range of motion.

If your pet is suffering from arthritis, a broken bone, joint dysfunction or another orthopedic problem, our veterinarian will begin with a diagnostic evaluation and full physical exam. Digital X-rays will help us determine the extent of your pet’s orthopedic injuries. We will then make treatment recommendations and discuss your pet’s surgical options. Surgery is typically not performed the same day as an evaluation unless it is pet health emergency.

Prior to your pet’s surgery, we request that you withhold food at least 12 hours in advance; typically your pet’s last meal will be the night before surgery. This helps prevent possible complications with anesthesia. Following surgery, your pet may need to stay overnight for additional monitoring. Once your pet is ready to leave, we will send your pet home with detailed post-operative care information. Most surgeries require re-check appointments six and 12 weeks after the procedure. We can also assist with rehabilitation exercises to help your pet safely recover a full range of movement following the operation.

Not every pet with orthopedic problems is a good candidate for orthopedic surgery. Senior pets may not be able to handle the long recovery period necessary; our veterinarian may find that due to the lengthy post-op recovery, surgery does not improve a pet’s quality of life. In this case, our veterinarian may determine that other forms of orthopedic care, such as pain management and nutritional changes, will have a more positive outcome than surgery. Our orthopedic care will always put your pet’s best interests first.

Our entire veterinary team is experienced with orthopedic care and emergency orthopedic medicine. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have about orthopedic problems and pet surgery.

Could orthopedic care enhance your pet’s quality of life? Contact our veterinarian today at (770) 479-1905 to learn more!


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